Case Studies

Meet our kids

Meet our Walk Me Home ambassadors who will be cheering you across the finish line!

You'll be walking for these little legends.



Zach smiling

When Zach first started complaining that his knees hurt, doctors and physios thought it was just growing pains. But before long, Zach started to lose the ability to walk. 

His mum knew for such an active kid, something wasn’t right. 

And in October last year, the doctors confirmed the worst…Zach was diagnosed with Pre-B Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. 

But this brave little guy is a fighter! He’s already battled through lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirations, and so many more scary treatments…all with a smile on his face.

He’s been at the House with us for 106 nights so far, but Zach’s got a long road ahead of him.

And being able to keep his family close is making all the difference in the world.

So, will YOU walk for sick kids like Zach?



Presenting to the hospital with high temperatures, distended stomach, and loss of appetite, Hudson's parents, Alyssa and Matthew, were unsure of what they were about to face. 

After numerous blood tests, x-rays as well as ultrasounds, doctor's were quick to come to a heart-breaking conclusion.

Hudson had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (t-cell). 

With a 9-month expected stay at the House, Alyssa says "This was our saving grace. We couldn't afford to stay in a motel or rent out a new place. The support we have received is second to none." 

Hudson continues to smash through his treatment with the biggest smile and with strong hopes of moving out to the farm and participating in his favourite activites. 

So, will YOU walk for sick kids like Hudson?



When Archie started to show signs of a common viral infection, doctor's believed that it was just something going around day care. 

But, with his symptoms getting worse, his parents decided to take action. 

After arriving at the emergency department, Archie was admitted quickly and went through a series of tests including an x-ray. 

The results showed that Archie had severe pneumonia and group A streptococcal septic shock. 

His little body was shutting down. 

Mum, Sarah says "being able to stay at the House has made a world of difference to us. As our son was in such a critical condition for weeks, we were able to be by his bedside all day."

For only two-years-old, Archie is one brave little boy.

So, will YOU walk for sick kids like Archie?



Seven-year-old Ashley loves animals, unicorns, and fairy tales. She is also one of the bravest little girls you will ever meet.

Since her diagnosis of leukaemia, she has battled 4 lumbar punctures, 3 bone marrow aspirations, major surgeries, blood and platelet transfusions, blood tests and two blocks of chemotherapy.

Her mother, Femke, is constantly amazed at how strong Ashley has been through the whole process, despite how big and scary it may be.

Femke says "I thought I knew what a hero was, I thought I knew what bravery was, but I had no idea until I saw Ashley start going through treatment."

Ashley is one tough little girl.

So, will YOU walk for sick kids like Ashley?


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